• A continuously increasing number of gene therapies are under development and are being approved and marketed for use in patients, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for pharmaceutical grade DNA
  • The conventional, fermentation based, DNA production methods offer poor yields and are held back due to complex purification processes. The final product is therefore expensive, and the processes are difficult and costly to scale
  • Furthermore, the DNA product (plasmids) created by fermentation-based approaches contain both the human DNA of interest as well as contaminant bacterial DNA which is not only immunogenic but also typically contains antibiotic resistant genes. Widespread clinical use of such type of DNA may therefore pose significant concern
  • For a breakthrough of gene therapies and DNA vaccines, large amounts of pharmaceutical-grade DNA are needed

4basebio develops highly effective, scalable, faster and safer, bacterial free manufacturing processes for the synthetic production of pharmaceutical grade hairpinDNA (hpDNA)